DIY LED Hula Hoop Kit

Save Time Save Money

To make it more affordable for you to make your own LED Hula Hoop I am offering a parts kit in two sizes from $49 to $59

All ordering information has moved here


5 comments so far

  1. Charlie on

    Can you ship to the UK?

    • Federica on

      Can you ship to Italy?

  2. prodmod on

    Yes I can.
    Shipping to the UK would be $25 priority mail USPS.
    You can pay less using 1st class shipping for $15 but there is no tracking or delivery confirmation.
    So its up to you.
    If you agree I can send you an invoice using the email address you’ve commented with (hidden from everyone except me).
    Just be sure to comment here which shipping option you want.
    You, or anyone else, can also contact me at prodmod [at] prodmod [dot] com

  3. Christina on

    How do I order a kit from you?

  4. prodmod on

    you can buy the standard kit from
    Go to my site here and click the “Buy” button.
    that directs you to

    if you want something custom you can contact me through my contact page and I can try to help based on my availability and materials.

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