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ModThis: Trisonic Wireless Window Alarm: WinMoney

Sometimes you come across a product that you might not really need but its so inexpensive that you know you can find a use for it in one of your projects. Or at minimum harvest it for spare parts. Well I found such an item today. It’s the Trisonic Wireless Window Alarm. It has a magnet that basically turns on the alarm when its moved away from the base. You can probably find these in thrift stores and also on ebay.

I took it apart as soon as I got it, took some photos and it looks really simple, just analog components. I am not sure what I would do with mine just yet, but I bet some of you can come up with some creative ideas. So make something and WIN $20.

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ProdMod Contest – Motorize this CD cleaner and win

A while ago I had a vision of a small hand held device that would clamp onto a CD like a clamshell and spin it to 500 RPM just because I thought it would look cool. Then I thought maybe it should also play the music off the disc. And then I pictured converting CDs to MP3 on the fly and shooting them into a dumpster at high RPMs when done.

Since then I have only found a designer’s concept of a CD/MP3 player that has never been made (this cool black one)

and a simple manual CD cleaner (silver) you can buy for $12.95 at but it doesn’t play music and it’s not even motorized:

The cool CD player up top was designed by Yong-Seong Kim. Designers like Kim can conjure up some really creative product ideas but it takes another skill set to bring it to life. The skillset of a maker, a gadgeteer, a prodmodder.

So why doesn’t someone with some prodmod skill try to make it happen?




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