LED Hula Hoops for Kids and pregnant women at Internet Week NY

So the event for “An Evening At Maker Faire” for Internet Week NY on June 5th went very well. I had a spot near the center of the room so it was easy to get everyone’s attention. Nearly everyone who passed wanted to try it out. I had two hoops both the same standard size 40 inch diameter by 1 inch thick versions but one was powered by a standard lithium battery and the other was my new rechargeable version. Everyone I asked said they couldnt tell the difference by weight and felt they were both fairly balanced. I did have one lady tell me it felt too light. But she was used to exercising with a 3 lb hoop. My hoops are only about 1.5 lbs. But for others who were just dancing/performing with it, the weight seemed ok. If you need to you can always add weight to it when you build your own.

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