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Rechargeable LED Hula Hoop Collapsible – Test Drive it Thursday

I finally finished my prototype of a rechargeable LED Hula Hoop. The hoop can run for 6 hours continuously, two hours longer than a PSI hoop. And it only takes 4 hours or less for a full charge compared to overnight in other models. The charger has a red and green indicator light to tell you when charging is complete.

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New LED Hula Hoop Videos from Maker Faire 2008

Crissy Gugler from has posted some videos on YouTube with her LED Hula Hoop that she made using the ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Kit at the Maker Faire Workshop.

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Internet Week NY – Maker Faire – June 5 2008


Just a quick note that I will be exhibiting at “An Evening at Maker Faire” on June 5th at the Saatchi Gallery in NYC from 6:30 pm – 9pm as a part of Internet Week New York. Please come by and say hi. This is also a great opportunity for you to see the latest developments in the LED Camera Light and LED Hula Hoop that I have not yet posted about.

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I attended this show last weekend and was able to witness a variety of great designers, some established, and some right out of Pratt Institute. Here are some of my favorites from the show…

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ProdMod at the Maker Faire – May 2008

I was at the Maker Faire May 3-4 2008 to support two of my kits that are currently sold through Make Magazine’s website. The LED Camera Light and the LED Hula Hoop. I would say the LED Hula Hoop was the big hit and we got plenty of attention just after we finished our workshop. There were about 5 hoops being built and 3 ducked out early to finish it at home. The remaining 2 finished it at the workshop and couldn’t wait to try it out. Total build time was only 2 hours.

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FREE LED Hula Hoop Workshop and Hoop Repair!

LED Hoop Class

I am teaching a workshop at 3rd Ward on Wednesday April 16th in Brooklyn. Bring your hoop parts or buy your hoop at a discounted promotional rate and pick it up in class. I’ll be focusing on the 1inch thick hoop but I can also accomodate someone with other sizes. I will take you step by step through making your very own LED Hula Hoop!

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Free ProdMod LED Camera Light Workshop in Brooklyn!

Have you already purchased this kit and never got around to finish it? Well now there is no excuse. Bring it with you to 3rd Ward in Brooklyn on April 24th and finish it off with my help – if you need it. Or come to show off your product to the rest of us. Perhaps you can be a nice prodmodder and give back by helping others with their kits. Not all of us know what a soldering iron is ;)

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Provoking Magic: A Conversation with Ingo Maurer at the Cooper Hewitt Museum

I was fortunate enough to attend this interview by Kim Hastreiter, Editor of Paper magazine, held at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum tonight (September 18th 2007). I missed the first 15 minutes of the interview but the rest was well worth the $10 admission fee (member discount). I am going to paraphrase some highlights from the interview and include some of his quotes. Bear with me I am not a journalist, I am just giving you some tidbits from my experience tonight.

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Take It Apart Please!

If there is any product that I have yet to cover whether it’s a gadget, a toy, or a mechanism, just ask and I’ll try to dissect it for you. I’ll give a quick review of the product performance, take it apart, take photos and comment on how it was designed and manufactured. I’ll identify any parts that can be useful for other projects.

Just leave a request in the comments section of this post, be as specific or as broad as you want to be.

It’s simple. Give it a shot and test me out.

Perceptive Pixel- Ted Han- way cool multi touchscreen

This is the most amazing touch screen system I have ever seen. Watch the video to see it in action

this is an older video

check out how he moves the photos around with two fingers to rotate etc.

You can also go here for a good back story on the inventor, Jefferson Han, from the magazine Fast Company

They have a newer video of a bigger screen with two users. Unfotunately you have to watch an advertisement. If anyone can find this video somewhere else please comment.

fastcompany-Remapping the Universe