BRIGHT 160 lumen Prodmod Video Camera Light for under $30

ProdMod 160 Lumen Video Light

Introducing the ProdMod Night Vlogger 160!

The following project is a neat way to make your own high powered video light to attach to your digital camera or camcorder. I called it the NightVlogger 160 after I read the term on this article of someone willing to use this type of light to allow him to take paparazzi style video at night. Vloggerazzi if you will. At 160 lumen it is very bright, in fact it is brighter than a 10W Halogen! It also fits in a slim AAA battery holder using only 3 AAA batteries. It projects a wide angle flood as opposed to a focused spotlight so you don’t have to zoom in to avoid the dark circle effect.
If you have followed my previous camera light projects you might have guessed this was the logical next step. I have made a 1W LED camera light before without showing you the details, but I think this latest one is a little easier to assemble and uses a very powerful yet very small Endor Rebel from luxeon to produce 160 lumens of light at 700mA.  I also swapped the battery holder switch with a 3 position switch so that I can have two brightness levels, Low and High.

First take a look at this video to see what it can do and then lets discuss the How To.

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