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Make your own LED camera light for less than $2 – lasts longer than Camerabright

ProdMod DIY camera Light

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buy now $9.99 for kit

Ever since digital cameras took decent video I stopped carrying around my DV video camera and instead use my point and shoot digital camera to take a few minutes of MOV or MPG video here and there. The only problem is my digicam is not equipped with a light to brighten up the videos I take indoors. So a while ago I searched for an LED light to use with my digital camera and I found one company that makes one that you screw into the tripod mount standard on all cameras. It costs about $30 to $40 bucks, has 4 white LEDs and takes 6 CR2032 coin cell batteries. I thought the price was ok, but there were some things I didn’t like about it and other people have also commented on.

So I decided to make my own and show you how.

First here is a comparison of the ProdMod DIY camera light vs. Camerabright.

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Steampunk lamp – Collaps – IKEA hacker style – only $65US

Sometime ago I stumbled upon this cool looking lamp at the Ikeahacker blog site.

This steampunk style adjustable lamp is made by Belgium artist Pascal using a Frack IKEA mirror and a car headlight.

It can be used as a ceiling or wall fixture and is fully adjustable in length.

Unlike most other cool products I find on the net this one is actually for sale and is priced well.

Collaps Lamp On

collaps lamp

This lamp is hand crafted and ships direct from the artist to all locations worldwide.

The dimensions are:

Lamp Head: 7.8 inches x 7 inches (20 x 18 mm)

Arm Length: from 9.5 inches to 23.5 inches fully extended. (24 mm to 60mm)

You can buy yours now for only $65US + shipping.

Continue here for payment options, shipping, and ordering information.

If you have any questions on this product or for the artist just leave a comment below.

Cheap LED Hula Hoop $15


Now this is my kind of maker.

He saw a need-
“Some friends wanted a lighted hula hoop for burningman”

He identified the outrageous retail price of the product-
“they turned out to be about $200 each”

And he bravely concluded-
“I decided to make one”

Awesome. A perfect thought process for the modern consumer.

He said it costs about $15 in parts and about 2 hours time.
What a difference $15 vs $200!

That got me thinking —

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Glowing LED Green Lantern Ring

I found a pretty cool instructable today on how to make a Green-lantern like glowing ring using resin and an LED.

One of the first things the creator Honus mentions is that he can not sell the item.

I would guess its because its a copyrighted symbol of the comic book owned by DC comics.

But if it was just a ring that glows a particular color, it should be ok to sell, right?