Who am I?: I am prodmod, and I have a big head. (just an illusion).


Basically I like to take everything apart to find out how it works and think of improvements. The fancy name for it now is “Product Dissection”. I also happen to be an engineer which means I am critical and like to modify products to make them um.. better, of course. Hence the name prodmod.


What’s on this blog?: On this blog you are going to get to see the products that I review (dissect) from the inside out. Like an autopsy but the products arent dead.. yet.

What I do: I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade. I design electro-mechanical products; consumer and industrial. I know a bit about gears, mechanisms, plastics, and some electronics and programming. But lately I have been doing more project management (I am bored and need to take something apart!)

What I cant stop doing (for this blog) :

I buy products I think are interesting. (toys)
I try them out. I comment on how good or bad they were designed or manufactured and complain about how it could be better.
Then I try to see how they work, so I take them apart and photograph the insides and show them to you.
I put it all back together…usually…and think of what I could do, if I wasnt so busy (lazy), to make the product better.
If I can I try to add some insight from an engineer’s perspective.

I definitely don’t know it all, so I would really like it you can adds what you know about the product, how its made, or any comment you would like to add. I could especially use the help on electronics.

Most importantly I would love to see discussions on what improvements you would like to see done to these products, or additional functionality. If I have enough requests I will mod the product myself and post the results. I am “prodmod” afterall.

So if you want to see what is inside your favorite gadget, want a little insight to how it works, but dont have time or patience to do it yourself (or buy the product), just check out this blog.

If I havent dissected what you want, just leave a comment or email a request I would be happy to get at it.




3 comments so far

  1. Bob on

    My kids have a “Zoom-O max” toy that launches “floater” blade saucers. It’s a great two, but the saucers are too fragile for small kids. Do you know where replacement saucers are available?

    Thank you

  2. prodmod on

    I havent found any replacement parts for this myself. But I would guess they are simply not offered because the cost of the entire toy is pretty low $9.99.
    Even if they did offer 6 replacement discs in a bag they would probably want to sell it for at least $5 for them to bother. And for that you might just buy another toy. It would be nice to have, but unlikely.

    For example Radio Shack sells an RC “Mosquito” helicopter for $69

    and sells two replacement rotors for $9.99

    That is a 7:1 ratio from replacement part to full toy.

    But brands like Nerf do sell extra foam darts for their toy guns. But those darts can be used in multiple toys in their product line. Zoom-O, made by Blip Toys, on the other hand is a relatively new brand. And I think only that one toy would use those discs.

    Sorry, if I see something I will post it.

  3. André Theodor Dreyer on

    At the age of 88 I still learn something new each day. Also love taking apart to see how it works. Glad to be here! More info about me on Facebook, search for André Dreyer

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