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Add a thumb screw to your ProdMod Camera Light

ProdMod Camera Light with 3/4″ diameter thumb screw

It’s not rocket science, but for those of you who prefer running a screw through the body of the light, I thought I would share some photos to show how a simple thumb screw might look. It looks a bit better than a simple cap screw depending on your taste and these screws are about 1 dollar or less.
If your camera tripod mount is near the center you can also set the camera down on the screw head as shown in the photo. You can’t do this with a cap screw.

Continue for photos of a rosette thumb screw and part numbers for both types.

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Updated! – Brighter LED Camera Light and with one touch PWM dimming

Its been a while since the last ProdMod LED Camera Light update. I was going to review some brighter LEDs by comparing different brands and technologies. Like Hi-flux LEDs and 1W LEDs. I was also going to go over different ways to dim the LEDs like using a simple potentiometer instead of a resistor near the LEDs or in place of a resistor in the Voltage regulated Vpack. Then I was going to discuss how PWM dimming is better. Well instead of taking you through all those steps, I decided to just show you my latest development. It is a 1W led with PWM dimming control.

So here are some videos that show how much light the ProdMod Camera Light can produce with only one 1W High Power LED running 350mA, and the second video shows the continuously variable dimming that the PWM control allows!

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4LED ProdMod Camera Light-new wiring and screw location

relocate red wire and drill 4 LED holesI recently made one of the ProdMod LED camera lights for a friend. He had a camera with a different location for the mounting screw than I did. So I had to rearrange some of the wiring to get it to work. In this case the mount screw is to the left when viewed from behind the camera. And this time we are not routing the red wire under the battery, and we position the LEDs a different way.

Here are a few photos to show you what I did.
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Make your own LED camera light for less than $2 – lasts longer than Camerabright

ProdMod DIY camera Light

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Ever since digital cameras took decent video I stopped carrying around my DV video camera and instead use my point and shoot digital camera to take a few minutes of MOV or MPG video here and there. The only problem is my digicam is not equipped with a light to brighten up the videos I take indoors. So a while ago I searched for an LED light to use with my digital camera and I found one company that makes one that you screw into the tripod mount standard on all cameras. It costs about $30 to $40 bucks, has 4 white LEDs and takes 6 CR2032 coin cell batteries. I thought the price was ok, but there were some things I didn’t like about it and other people have also commented on.

So I decided to make my own and show you how.

First here is a comparison of the ProdMod DIY camera light vs. Camerabright.

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