ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Assembly Instructions

LED Hoop made with the ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Kit

A lot of people have purchased my LED Hula Hoop kit, now you can follow instructions right on this site specific to the kit I provided you.

When you are done making your LED Hula Hoop please send me photos or links to videos.

You can feel free to add a link on the buy page.


FREE LED Hula Hoop Workshop and Hoop Repair!

LED Hoop Class

I am teaching a workshop at 3rd Ward on Wednesday April 16th in Brooklyn. Bring your hoop parts or buy your hoop at a discounted promotional rate and pick it up in class. I’ll be focusing on the 1inch thick hoop but I can also accomodate someone with other sizes. I will take you step by step through making your very own LED Hula Hoop!

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Free ProdMod LED Camera Light Workshop in Brooklyn!

Have you already purchased this kit and never got around to finish it? Well now there is no excuse. Bring it with you to 3rd Ward in Brooklyn on April 24th and finish it off with my help – if you need it. Or come to show off your product to the rest of us. Perhaps you can be a nice prodmodder and give back by helping others with their kits. Not all of us know what a soldering iron is ;)

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Mod the ProdMod LED Camera Light

safoocat’s modded ProdMod LED Camera Light 

Here is a great example of taking a kit that’s offered on this site and modding it to meet your needs. Michelle adapted the ProdMod Camera Light to fit her camera by placing the screw in the middle of two pairs of LEDs. She also keeps a nut inside to guide and hold the screw in place.

Check out her pics on Flickr to see how she wired it.

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Add a thumb screw to your ProdMod Camera Light

ProdMod Camera Light with 3/4″ diameter thumb screw

It’s not rocket science, but for those of you who prefer running a screw through the body of the light, I thought I would share some photos to show how a simple thumb screw might look. It looks a bit better than a simple cap screw depending on your taste and these screws are about 1 dollar or less.
If your camera tripod mount is near the center you can also set the camera down on the screw head as shown in the photo. You can’t do this with a cap screw.

Continue for photos of a rosette thumb screw and part numbers for both types.

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ModThis: Trisonic Wireless Window Alarm: WinMoney

Sometimes you come across a product that you might not really need but its so inexpensive that you know you can find a use for it in one of your projects. Or at minimum harvest it for spare parts. Well I found such an item today. It’s the Trisonic Wireless Window Alarm. It has a magnet that basically turns on the alarm when its moved away from the base. You can probably find these in thrift stores and also on ebay.

I took it apart as soon as I got it, took some photos and it looks really simple, just analog components. I am not sure what I would do with mine just yet, but I bet some of you can come up with some creative ideas. So make something and WIN $20.

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Updated! – Brighter LED Camera Light and with one touch PWM dimming

Its been a while since the last ProdMod LED Camera Light update. I was going to review some brighter LEDs by comparing different brands and technologies. Like Hi-flux LEDs and 1W LEDs. I was also going to go over different ways to dim the LEDs like using a simple potentiometer instead of a resistor near the LEDs or in place of a resistor in the Voltage regulated Vpack. Then I was going to discuss how PWM dimming is better. Well instead of taking you through all those steps, I decided to just show you my latest development. It is a 1W led with PWM dimming control.

So here are some videos that show how much light the ProdMod Camera Light can produce with only one 1W High Power LED running 350mA, and the second video shows the continuously variable dimming that the PWM control allows!

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4LED ProdMod Camera Light-new wiring and screw location

relocate red wire and drill 4 LED holesI recently made one of the ProdMod LED camera lights for a friend. He had a camera with a different location for the mounting screw than I did. So I had to rearrange some of the wiring to get it to work. In this case the mount screw is to the left when viewed from behind the camera. And this time we are not routing the red wire under the battery, and we position the LEDs a different way.

Here are a few photos to show you what I did.
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DIY LED Hula Hoop Parts Kit for Sale

led hoop from Craft MagazineCraft, a sister magazine of Make, is about to publish a DIY LED Hula Hoop article in Volume 6 due on the shelves Feb 5th. It caught my eye because I featured jeffkobi’s instructable months ago and planned to create my own DIY instructions using translucent tubing. Obviously Craft beat me to it. If you are a Craft subscriber you can read the digital edition right now. (click the little blue TV icon)


Their instructions involve using translucent tubing, color LEDs, resistors, a switch and a battery.


After you are done reading the tutorial, depending on your expertise, you might be left with a few unanswered questions, like:

-How do I choose LEDs with the same Voltage Drop?

-What resistor value do I need for these LEDs?

-How exactly do I strip the wire with a razor blade?

Then you are likely to ask:

-How much is this all going to cost me?

Can I just buy 10ft of tubing instead of 100ft?

The above are all potential barriers that may prevent you from trying this out. I’d like to avoid that.

In this article I will answer the above technical questions, but I will also show you how much you can save by buying a kit that includes a pre-cut 11ft tube with all the parts you need to make just one LED Hula Hoop. This saves you time, money, and reduces wasted tubing. In the process you’ll also see where you can buy the parts on your own if you dont believe in saving money, or plan to make 10 hoops anyway 😉

So lets start with LED selection:

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Upgrade: Prodmod LED Camera Light – Constant Brightness – Fixed Voltage – Flexible Battery


By using an $11 DC-DC boost circuit in the Prodmod LED Camera Light I am now able to power it with one, two, or three batteries and can use either rechargeable or alkaline and still maintain a fixed LED brightness. The brightness of the LEDs remains unchanged until the very last moment when the total battery voltage drops below 1V. The flexibility of the DC-DC boost circuit allows you to use either one or two batteries if I wish leaving room for other items in the case. It also allows you to position your mount stud somewhere else if it better suits your camera.

I tested a 5V circuit and a 3.3V and compiled the results. There is an effect on battery life but its not as bad as you might think.

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