DIY LED Hula Hoop Parts Kit for Sale

led hoop from Craft MagazineCraft, a sister magazine of Make, is about to publish a DIY LED Hula Hoop article in Volume 6 due on the shelves Feb 5th. It caught my eye because I featured jeffkobi’s instructable months ago and planned to create my own DIY instructions using translucent tubing. Obviously Craft beat me to it. If you are a Craft subscriber you can read the digital edition right now. (click the little blue TV icon)


Their instructions involve using translucent tubing, color LEDs, resistors, a switch and a battery.


After you are done reading the tutorial, depending on your expertise, you might be left with a few unanswered questions, like:

-How do I choose LEDs with the same Voltage Drop?

-What resistor value do I need for these LEDs?

-How exactly do I strip the wire with a razor blade?

Then you are likely to ask:

-How much is this all going to cost me?

Can I just buy 10ft of tubing instead of 100ft?

The above are all potential barriers that may prevent you from trying this out. I’d like to avoid that.

In this article I will answer the above technical questions, but I will also show you how much you can save by buying a kit that includes a pre-cut 11ft tube with all the parts you need to make just one LED Hula Hoop. This saves you time, money, and reduces wasted tubing. In the process you’ll also see where you can buy the parts on your own if you dont believe in saving money, or plan to make 10 hoops anyway 😉

So lets start with LED selection:

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3 comments so far

  1. Abby on


    I just ordered the parts kit and I want to be sure the tubing is included. The items listed below do not mention the tubing, so I just want to be sure that I know what I’m getting. Also, do you happen to have other colors besides green and blue? reason being, I already own a PSI hoop, and I chose green and blue as my stationary colors. I love the way the pink LEDS look…. any chance you have some of those you could change out for me?

    To make it more affordable for you to try this DIY I am offering a parts kit for only $49
    It will include 21 LEDs: 7 Blue, 8 Green, and 6 color changing.
    21 matching resistors.
    22 feet of 22AWG white insulated wire
    Pipe Fitting – (Tube Coupler)
    Slide Switch
    3.6V Battery with leads

  2. prodmod on

    yes it does include the tubing. I have had some server problems and had to restore this article. I will update the article with the right information.
    I will also look into finding pink LEDs and get back to you.
    thanks for your interest!

  3. prodmod on

    yup I can get pink. But it looks a bit purple to me. If you are choosing custom LEDs you’ll have to list exactly which color and how many of each you want. And tell me if you want the color changing ones or not.

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