Steampunk lamp – Collaps – IKEA hacker style – only $65US

Sometime ago I stumbled upon this cool looking lamp at the Ikeahacker blog site.

This steampunk style adjustable lamp is made by Belgium artist Pascal using a Frack IKEA mirror and a car headlight.

It can be used as a ceiling or wall fixture and is fully adjustable in length.

Unlike most other cool products I find on the net this one is actually for sale and is priced well.

Collaps Lamp On

collaps lamp

This lamp is hand crafted and ships direct from the artist to all locations worldwide.

The dimensions are:

Lamp Head: 7.8 inches x 7 inches (20 x 18 mm)

Arm Length: from 9.5 inches to 23.5 inches fully extended. (24 mm to 60mm)

You can buy yours now for only $65US + shipping.

Continue here for payment options, shipping, and ordering information.

If you have any questions on this product or for the artist just leave a comment below.


3 comments so far

  1. peter on

    can you mount this lamp with the arm parallel to the floor (if it is pictured above as perpendicular)?

  2. Pascal on

    yes, this is possible.


  3. SAMUEL on

    so this runs on 220 current?

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