Cheap LED Hula Hoop $15


Now this is my kind of maker.

He saw a need-
“Some friends wanted a lighted hula hoop for burningman”

He identified the outrageous retail price of the product-
“they turned out to be about $200 each”

And he bravely concluded-
“I decided to make one”

Awesome. A perfect thought process for the modern consumer.

He said it costs about $15 in parts and about 2 hours time.
What a difference $15 vs $200!

That got me thinking —

For those of you who are handy modders and makers, this is probably easy and fun to work on.

I am a maker and modder myself, but there are plenty of things I want to make and either don’t have the time or all the required skills to finish it.

I am sure I am not spending $200 for some LEDs on a tube.

Aside from the 2 hours it takes, I still have to go out and find the components, i have to have proper tools like a drill and solder gun. I have to solder stuff – which i would rather not do. Plus I live in a small apartment with no workspace.

How many others are like me? Crafty or not what can they do to get one?

Let’s answer that here by asking makers and buyers for input.

  • If you could buy one of these LED Hula Hoops right now handcrafted by this maker or another qualified person, how much would you think is a fair price?
  • If you are willing to make and sell this to another person how much would you charge for it?

I’ll start it off:

If I made it I would have to cover the $15 parts cost and get some money for my time. Say it did take me 2 hrs, i would charge an extra $30. So Parts + Labor = $45.

  • To: Makers – Is that enough?
  • To: Buyers – Is it too much?I’d like to hear from both sides.

Write your comments below.

Don’t hesitate. participate.


Hi everyone, I really appreciate your comments but I have to clarify that as of February of 2008 I have started selling a DIY parts kit so that you can make your very own LED Hula Hoop that is even better than the one in the above instructables and is very similar to the expensive $300 versions. You can find that kit along with photos comments and testimonials here.

I have also held a workshop in Brooklyn and attended the Maker Faire in May 2008.

Everyone is really digging this new LED Hula Hoop design. I dont really have time or space to make finished hoops for people but if you follow my instructions you can make your own in about 2 hours.


15 comments so far

  1. charlimonster on

    price seems reasonable for purchase. Maybe even up to 70 bucks for extra leds/tubing.

  2. Liz on

    Sounds extreeeeemely fair to me.

  3. hoopy em on

    It would be nice to be able to source a fan dabby whizz whizz LED hoop for that price – there are no makers in the UK and if there were I don’t think we’d be able to get them nearly half as cheap as that 😦

    It takes a good man/woman to produce hoops for hoopy love over money so this makes me smile 🙂 xxx

  4. prodmod on

    you can buy the parts in the kit I am selling and make an even better hoop similar to the really expensive ones. It will take about 2 hours of your time depending on your handy crafty skill level.

    try browsing my main site for info

    or use this to skip to the buying page

  5. wednesday on

    I agree that it would be fairly easy to make a hoop with leds if you had a basic knowledge of the skills required. That said though, making a hoop durable enough so that the leds wouldn’t be damaged from constant use, plus setting the leds so that they change colour would require more effort and possibly more skill. All the led hoops i’ve seen that you can purchanse come with a recharger for the batteries also, which would be another cost on top of the hoop. I agree that $200 is far too expensive, especially when you have to add shipping on top of that, so i think that $90 to $120, while not preferrable, is more reasonable.

  6. prodmod on

    a recharging circuit will be available in my kit sometime in may 2008

  7. Colleen on

    I would pay you to make me one for 45.00! If you’re interested, e-mail me at

  8. prodmod on

    Hi Colleen, sorry but I dont currently make complete LED hoops. But I started selling an even better DIY LED Hula Hoop parts kit since Feb 2008. I modified the above post to give more info. You can also go to my main site and see the kit and photos.

  9. Taryn on

    hey, i understand that you said you dont make them. but i have NO experience and would never be able to make one. is there any way you would make one for me or direct me to someone who isnt selling them for $200. i want one for my daughter really bad, but i am not willing to pay $200 for it.

  10. prodmod on

    I think is the cheapest, but I dont like the way they are assembled. I haven’t been approached by anyone yet who is willing make my LED hula hoop complete. I’ll let you know if that changes.

  11. prodmod on

    In case anyone is still reading this page instead of my main site, we do have people willing to make these hoops for you. They are ProdMod Certified Makers. More info is found here

  12. deadhead zona on

    i would like to purchase some of your hula hoops and know how to make them

  13. heather shamblin on

    I bought a mood hoop and it had a waranty for 3 months. On that third month guess what it stoped working.bummer

  14. chelsea on

    i would like to know where you got the tubing for the hoop

  15. brandonhuston on

    LED Hoops are not so much expensive. There are so many options while buying the LED Hula Hoops because they are cheap .

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