micro mosquito RC flying helicopter (vs havoc heli picco z)

I picked up the Micro Mosquito from Radio Shack the other day. Its hard to compete with the Picco Z even with 3 motors and 3ch control.

Click below for a review

part I

part II


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  1. Mr. Carrot on


  2. No_limits on


  3. jacko on

    Hi, I bought a mosquito too, I have see there are two version of it, which one is the best?

    http://tinyurl.com/25kdcp photo modell 1

    http://tinyurl.com/269avj photo modell 2

    I find my modell (the second one) rather difficult to control in spinning when goes down or take off, it rolls!!

    however amusing thing!!

  4. sam on

    The first one is best. (My opinion) because mine is much more stable and controlable.

  5. scalco on

    thx .. very informative & jus what i was lookin for.

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